Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 26 - A picture of yourself a year ago.

Response to 30 Days Picture Challenge.

These picture was taken last year, June 2010… few days before I left for Saudi, I really can’t forget this days, I was so depress that time.. Anyway.. I don’t want to tackle that anymore... I just want to show here how things change me…

Now this one was taken last July 4, 2011, in our Office here in Saudi… My friend Dexter called me up and asked me if I want to take some picture in our office because he has their section camera. Off course I said yes, because I really wasn’t to have a picture in my office….

 Yun lang... salamat



  1. wow sitel. i worked in that company din hehee

  2. a-ah! sitel ka pala ah! uhm...Al, parang pareho naman yung pictures mo sa sitel pati sa Saudi!

  3. call center ba yan kasi wala akong idea kung ano ang itsura ng call center.
    akala ko long hair yong 2010 at semi kalbo ang 2011.Extreme yong difference pag ganon.tama si Sey walang nagbago.

  4. wow! sa sitel ka pala.. parang alam cu kng saan na floor to ah.. :) hihihi


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