Monday, July 11, 2011

Google +

Google +, my first thought about this new social network created of course by Google was “Oh come ‘on!!! Not again”, the last time Google tried to smacked down Facebook using Google Wave was a disappointment, in fact almost all users of Google Wave including myself don’t know what it is all about, they don’t know where to start and what to do with the site.

While Facebook is continuing to hit the road to slowly but surely murdering Friendster and MySpace, Google Wave then are giving a hard time for the users to understand its logic and principles.

So when I heard that Google is launching another version of Social Networking Site in their menu, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Be sure it would clean your mess”, then finally they launched G+ as an invite mode only, lucky for me I received an invites from a friend who is already using it, and so when I received the invites I did not hesitate to try it, I spent almost my entire day in the office yesterday exploring the beta test mode of Google.

Hell Yeah!!!! This should be it, “A new star was born” that is my first impression to the newest social media, although you will really find it bore on your first try, of course, come ‘on the social media hasn’t yet gone too far, it didn’t even yet last for a month or two, what do you expect, plus the fact that it is only for invite mode, you better watch out once they launch it on public yard!!!

G+ has all the feature of other social network, the common thing and nothing special like from photo sharing, tagging and posting you thought known as streaming but the most important thing I’ve noticed with the site was its simplicity, I mean it's my opinion, I don't know maybe for me Facebook is becoming more complicated than usual, I can say that once they launch it to public it will boom in the sky and create a big bang noise like a fireworks.

G+ focuses more on groups, privacy and sharing, once you share your thoughts, pictures, video via streaming, you will be ask to whom would you like to share it, then you have to decide whether you go public or just to a small amount of friends on your Circle.

You can post your pictures to your profile without allowing your boyfriend or girlfriend to have an access to it.

Grouping: compare to FB, you don’t just add a friend in your G+ without grouping them, there are four Standard Circle "Friends", "Family", "Acquaintances" and "Following."  There is also an option for you to create new groups of friends; you can also follow people without their approval just like in Twitter, of course you can customized your FB Friends List but for me G+ is much easier to customized compare to FB.

Google Chat is known as Google Talk, but in G+ it is known as Hangout, I tried it already last night and it was pretty nice, because you can be able to talk to multiple people in your circle compare to FB Video Calling.

Personally I like G+ but of course I won’t gonna turn my back to FB.

For the meantime I can say that this is it, if it will not totally kill FB at least it will surely give Mark Zuckerberg a real head ache and competitor.

5/5 for G+

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  1. One satisfied user.G+ needs to pay you big time.


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