Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 21- A picture of your favorite food and/or drink.

Response to 30 Days Picture Challenge.

One of my most favorite food is Curry, I am so addicted to Curry food specially Chicken Curry, last year when I was still working in Toshiba, my team decided to have a Team Lunch in Curry Curry House in MEGAMALL, I did not hesitate to go with them because I know for sure that I would really enjoy being there, because of the fact that the resto’s specialization is Curry.

It was my friend who introduce to us this Resto.

So here is the picture.

Thanks you for reading.



  1. Hay, Chicken Curry yung ulam ko kagabi. Sayang kung alam ko lang pinagtabi kita. hahaha!

  2. nyahahha... hmm ang hirap naman sagutin ng tanong na favorite food... alam mo na AL why o why.

  3. ay baligtad ata tayo..ayaw ko naman ng curry hehe...

    ndi gusto ng panlasa ko,ewan ko ba haha


  4. Mukhang masarap at nagutom ako, nung una ako ko lumpiang may sauce.

    di ko alam bat wala akong hilig sa chicken curry, lasa kasing chizcurls. LOL Yun lang!

  5. Maraming ayaw ng chicken curry. Di ko type ang lasa nito at ang kulay na madilaw.Pero nakakain ko naman ito di lang talaga masyadong like.


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