Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 12- A picture of your favorite celebrity.

Response to 30 Days Picture Challenge.

I don’t have any favorite celebrity in particular.

I don’t watch movies because it was “WHO” who played the role of a certain character in that movie nor I don’t listen to music because it was “WHO” who sang the song, I often go to movie house because of the movie itself, I mostly listened to any music because I find the melody good to my ears.

But I admit that I really find Tony Gonzaga as a good comedian actress and versatile drama queen, she is also an effective host and most of all sexy with a good voice.

Bianca Gonzalez in the other hand is a Morena has a sexy appeal to the camera, I haven’t seen her yet in any TV series or movie, but I know she can do it.

Pokwang is a very good comedian as well as Ai-Ai.

But I really don’t have any favorite celebrity.

If you allow me.. eheem… I can say that I am really in love with the following.

 Anne Curtis.

Maja Salvador.


Christine Reyes

I also adore the following.

Jericho Rosales

And most of all
Robin Padilla.




  1. ay ung picture ni Anne nong sumakay siya ng MRT, trapik dw kc dat time tapos hnd siya aabot sa concert ni kylie minogue.. nice!

    i love Robin too, ilang beses ko kc siyang nakita eh...sooooooooo gwapo.

  2. Crush ko din yang si Anne...pero ang ultimate ko talaga si Angel Locsin.

  3. Ako Eugene Domingo at Michael V

    Buhay na ako diyan.

  4. aww great choices.. gusto ko din sila lahat. :)


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